photo credit: Adrian Lourie

photo credit: Adrian Lourie

In addition to producing new writing and theatre, Shady Dolls Theatre Company performed regularly as a cabaret troupe in venues across London at public and private gigs between 2005 - 2009.

A Shady Dolls Cabaret began life as a one-off fundraiser in a small pub basement in North London, but following an audience positively bursting at the seams (in size and excitement) and due to constant demand their cabaret spectaculars turned into a regular event, with the Dolls' unique blend of music, comedy, burlesque and an unerring fascination with the grotesque proving increasingly popular.

A Shady Dolls Cabaret drew upon the group's love of vintage glamour and eclectic taste in music, film, theatre and literature, resulting in fabulous nights of sizzling, saucy entertainment, plunging audiences into the centre of their unique and fantastical world. Plundering material spanning many genres - from twenties jazz and forties swing, to eighties power ballads, fifties rock n' roll and festive cheer, expertly played by their fantastic live band comprising of three extraordinarily talented musicians - Callum Hughes, Sarah Taylor and Matthew Thomas. The Dolls were often joined by regular performers Clark Devlin and Ben Whitehead who injected their comedic and vocal talents into the shows. 

The cabaret troupe disbanded when the Dolls took a hiatus and there are no current plans to re-form, but never say never....they could be persuaded to dust off their chip bag hats and sequins for the right occasion.