THE EROTICA PROJECT by Lillian Anne Slugocki & Erin Cressida Wilson

Vibrantly written and buoyantly performed…tough minded and (always a bonus) impressively supple.
— Sunday Times
The entire company brings just the right amount of irony coaxing comedy and pathos…spend the evening with The Erotica Project, you’ll have fun.
— Evening Standard
Superbly performed and well-directed… well written and insightful whether you approve or not.
— Morning Star

In 2005 the Shady Dolls collaborated with NXT (New Cross Theatre) to produce their first show The Erotica Project at the Greenwich Playhouse. The play was offered to the Company by writers Lillian Anne Slugocki and Erin Cressida Wilson for its European premiere.

The Erotica Project with its original and provocative presentation of women’s sexuality was an ideal platform for the Company’s debut. The show drew huge media interest, receiving national press coverage for the production and venue; it exceeded all expectations and catapulted the Company onto the professional stage.

I had the sheer unmitigated pleasure to watch them perform my material with all the fervour, intelligence and courage that the subject matter demanded. I have seen many, many productions of this from New York to San Francisco, and their interpretation outshone all the others.
— Lillian Ann Slugocki, Author THE EROTICA PROJECT


The Erotica Project combines graphic sexual material with an aesthetic that is haunting, poignant, comic and often outrageous. It is infused with all the passion, angst, confusion and fun of real women exploring  their sexuality on their own terms. A joyous defiance of both the Religious Right and the Politically Correct.

The voices of women unabashedly telling their sexual takes with no apologies, an empowering vehicle for women’s sexuality.
— Erin Cressida Wilson

The Erotica Project began as a creation by radio presenter and novelist Lillian Ann Slugocki in 1997. She decided to compose a work that mapped the female psyche and expressed women's sexuality and desire but in women's own words. She began writing a series of monolgues that were broadcast on a late night slot on WBAI radio in New York, and after the success of the first run she collaborated on further material with playwright Eric Cressida Wilson and producer John Gould Rubin.

Deciding that the show should be accessible to a wider audience, the team produced a book of monologues for the theatre, and the show was given its first critically acclaimed run at HERE in New York, followed by a run at Joe's Pub. It has since been produced in San Francisco, Seattle and Las Vegas. NXT & Shady Dolls' production was the European premiere. 


Lillian Ann Slugocki & Erin Cressida Wilson Writers

Dionne Atwill performer

Marina Burton PERFORMER

Laura Churchill PERFORMER

Polly Henson PERFORMER

Rebecca Pollock PERFORMER


Nesta Jones Producer

Steven Dykes & Sarah Carpenter Directors

Nicholas Dew Lighting Designer

HENA CHOWDHURY Deputy Stage Manager 

David Somers Technical Consultant

Ed Saxby Sound Engineer

The Company Designer

Ian Haisley Marketing Designer

REVIEWS The Erotica Project Greenwich Playhouse, Jan - Feb 2005


"Vibrantly written and buoyantly performed… six brave actresses tackle their explicit material with a gleeful verve, surging around a cleverly designed set. Anyone who thought Sex and the City was upfront will blush at these stories, yet there are moments of sensitivity and insight… Tough-minded and (always a bonus) impressively supple."  


"Only prudes would object to this post-feminist, post-politically correct show [and] it's glee in sexual discovery… The cast comprises six stunning, charming twenty-somethings who can groan, long and enlarge our vocabulary with incongruity. Escapist fun with an element of poignancy… championing female empowerment.”


"Superbly performed and well-directed… Well-written and insightful, whether you approve or not.“


"Imagine Jackanory presented by the staff of Agent Provocateur and you'll get the measure of The Erotica Project ... The entire company brings just the right note of irony coaxing comedy and pathos… spend the evening with The Erotica Project, you'll have fun."


"Features stunning young actresses… all six temptresses are as equally entertaining as they are provocative… The play's themes are undeniably thought-provoking. Questions like 'who has the power?' arise and it becomes obvious that the writers certainly have a voice…There is so much potential in six sexually charged women; ready to play the game of love by their own rules.“


"Poised between a pornographic pyjama party and The Vagina Monologues, this American play celebrates female sexuality in a series of guilt-free, exuberant fantasies… Certainly the cast is young and attractive enough to carry the show's sentiment off.”


"The design is lush and evocative with a great soundtrack that successfully underpins the action… The good looking, nubile cast give fine performances. The writing is graphic, with explicit images and no imaginings left untouched".